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Hi there,

I enjoy designing and implementing full-stack features with complex functionalities. I'm passionate about improving user experience and understanding technologies on a deeper level. I'm an Master student in Computer Science at Columbia University. My favorite classes I took there are Operating Systems, Distributed Systems, and Cloud Computing. This summer, I'm interning at Instabase as a Software Engineer on the Core Services team.

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Before coming to Columbia, I was a Software Engineer at Pingboard, where I worked in teams to build fully-fledged features promptly. In 2020, I graduated from University of Texas at Austin, with a BS in Advertising and a Minor in Computer Science. I took 30 credit hours of Computer Science classes and mastered software engineering principles via working with peers to design and build full-stack web apps, iOS apps, games, and computer graphics.

I'm proficient in JavaScript and Python. I've been coding in C/C++, TypeScript, and Go recently. Some frameworks and stacks I use to build web apps are React/Redux, Next.js, AWS, Ruby on Rails, and Python Flask.

I spent the first 18 years of my life in Fuzhou, China. I miss all my close friends and tasty foodies there. I moved to Austin, TX for my undergrad. This summer, I drove with my kitties from Austin to New York. Bye Texas summer heat and hello New York winter chill~

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